And Here We Are

Way back when I launched my personal brand JAYSMERK on
Instagram, I had a solid vision in mind. Although it only started gaining recognition in 2018, many hours of dedication, commitment, and endless self-belief allowed for my brand to grow. In 2019 I then decided that streaming to Twitch would be a great way to express my personality and grow my audience even further.

By following my dreams and realising my love for content creation along the way, my social presence grew too – expanding to Tik Tok, Youtube, discord and Twitter.

I have never given up on my dream and I have always believed in myself (even during the tough times). In-turn, the growth of my brand has continued to flourish across all of these platforms.

I also realised that by working hard to create an online voice I could do good by inspiring and motivating my loyal supporters. I try my best to not only spread the love but to also be an advocate for good, and encourage my community to always chase your dreams, stay fit and healthy in both body and mind, and understand that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.


The community originated on Instagram and has merged with other social platforms such as Twitch, Tik Tok, Twitter, Youtube and Discord


Over the years I have managed to grow my community from scratch.
Currently there are hundreds of thousands of members who make up the JAYSMERK community and this continues to grow each day. For me, the sky's the limit. Our growth has been incredible which is why I felt the need to develop further offerings on things that are true to my beliefs.


The beauty of creating a successful following on different social media platforms is that real-life connections are made. People with common goals, interests and likes find themselves automatically drawn into a community environment. There are now over 600 000 similar minded members where everyone forms a part of the JAYSMERK community.


So this is where it all started. As most of you know, my Instagram page is all about living a healthy lifestyle, daily fitness with results and of course, loads of BOOTY. If you’ve got it and worked hard at it, why not flaunt it – the results speak for themselves. I plan to use this platform to share my health and fitness programmes through both diet and exercise. I want to share this knowledge and make a difference to my


Twitch is my streaming channel of choice. My goal on Twitch is to uplift those around me. I realised that streaming was not only a great way to grow my brand further, but gives followers an insight into the real me byreally expressing my online personality.  It also allows me to connect with my audience on a personal level – which I love to do.

Tik Tok

In 2020 I began playing around on Tik Tok. It was also a great platform for me to launch my first ever gaming video that quickly went viral. By continually posting relevant content to my page, my popularity and following grew at a substantial rate. This also opened up even more growth on my other platforms. Tik Tok is my platform that is not only relatable but where I am able to share factual content for both gamers and everyday people – who are just like me.

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