GET THICC WORKOUT PROGRAM - Grow Your Glutes and Lower Body in The Gym


Glutes and Lower Body-Dominant Fitness Program: This program focuses primarily on strength training, which involves lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions. Low reps with heavier weights have been linked to an increase in muscle mass. I do not, however, want to solely rely on one method and so I have also decided to include light weights with higher reps in this program. I believe alternating between the two is a better approach for long-term success.


    This program is designed to focus predominantly on growing your lower body and your glutes. We can’t just neglect our upper bodies though, so I have designed a workout split that allows you to improve the strength and muscle mass in your upper body too!


    • Lower body exercises
    • Upper body exercises
    • Abdominal Exercises
    • Tips on how to monitor the size of your weights
    • Step-by-step instructions WITH IMAGES, on how to correctly do each exercise ( in-depth form descriptions for each exercise).
    • A comprehensive list of gym terminology
    •‘Deloading’ weights: Why and when to ‘deload’
    • Tips on how to increase your weights, and why you may be struggling to do so.
    • Tips on what types of foods/nutrients to focus on/consume, in order to see growth