So this is where it all started. As most of you know, my Instagram page is all about living a healthy lifestyle, daily fitness with results and of course, loads of BOOTY. If you’ve got it and worked hard at it, why not flaunt it – the results speak for themselves. I plan to use this platform to share my health and fitness programmes through both diet and exercise. I want to share this knowledge and make a difference to my

Twitch - Living The Stream

Twitch is my streaming channel of choice. My goal on Twitch is to uplift those around me. I realised that streaming was not only a great way to grow my brand further, but gives followers an insight into the real me by really expressing my online personality.  It also allows me to connect with my audience on a personal level – which I love to do.

Tik Tok

In 2020 I began playing around on Tik Tok. It was also a great platform for me to launch my first ever gaming video that quickly went viral. By continually posting relevant content to my page, my popularity and following grew at a substantial rate. This also opened up even more growth on my other platforms. Tik Tok is my platform that is not only relatable but where I am able to share factual content for both gamers and everyday people – who are just like me.

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